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How big a tent do you need?: Tent size would depend on the number of guests you have, the nature of your function and space available. Edmonton Party Rental can assist you in determining the size of tent that you will require. Allow a minimum of two feet around the perimeter of the tent for setup. That means if you order a 10x20ft tent, the area you need for installation is about 12x22ft. Call for info. Below are the Four Major tents that you can rent from us and additional information about each tent.

10x10 Tent

Tent Size: 10x10ft

Max Tables: 1-2

Max Chairs/People: 10

This Tent is great for small/median parties and is mostly used in festivals as a sales stand. It will fit most backyards in Edmonton or most outdoor street festivals and events.


10x20 Tent

Tent Size: 10x20ft

Max Tables: 2

Max Chairs/People: 20

This Tent is great for small/median parties and will fit most backyards in Edmonton. This is our most popular tent rental for house events.

Tent Size:20x20ft

Max Tables:4

Max Chairs/People: 40

This Tent is best used for People with bigger space or backyards with bigger functions.

20x30 Tent

Tent Size:20x30ft

Max Tables:6

Max Chairs/People: 60

This Tent is great for bigger functions and will require some space. Great for large weddings and parties. It will fit some backyards but not all.

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